Alpha Forms

Fast cross-platform OCR designed for printed business documents and forms.
Extract data from scanned images of claims, invoices and business forms. Go from binary image to text file with fields in a single step.
Graphical User Interface
Multiple languages
OCR confidence metrics
Alignment and deskew
Accuracy due to box types
Multiple OCR engines

for Windows This download has both Editor and command line tools for version 1.3.5 (exe installer 58Mbt, 20 day trial).
for Linux This download has only command line tools for version 1.3.5 (zip file 16Mbt, 20 day trial).


Accuracy is important. Bounding Box Editor improves recognition. Boxes make processing faster since OCR does not need to scan whole document looking for important text and numbers in it. You can also setup box types and limit range of recognizable symbols. This increases accuracy since similar looking letter and number combinations can be excluded from the match leaving less room for error.

You can also run OCR without Editor. Please check Documentation for more details.

Bounding Box Editor is an important part of recognition setup. Use template image to mark regions of text for extraction, set restricted types on the regions and improve accuracy by adjusting box sizes. Once template is saved keep running recognition on all images that match template.


Alpha Forms reads images PDF, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG and produces CSV, XML or JSON files. Higher resolution images improve recognition accuracy.
Multiple languages supported: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese.

OCR Benefits

Document image holds data in binary picture format. In this format it is hard to search, validate and verify information stored in the documents.
Once data is extracted it becomes easily accessible for processing: