Recoink OCR

Recognizable ink

Extract data from scanned images of claims, invoices and business forms. Go from binary image to text file with fields in a single step.


Bounding box Editor is an important part of recognition setup. Use template image to mark regions of text for extraction, set restricted types on the regions and improve accuracy by adjusting box sizes. Once template is saved run character recognition on images that match template.
No need to repeat setup for each image.

Please check out Documentation for more details.


Recoink reads images PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFF and produces CSV, XML or JSON files. Higher resolution images improve recognition accuracy. Recommended resolution for images is 300dpi.

OCR Benefits

Images of documents hold data in binary picture format. In this format it is hard to search, validate and verify information stored in the documents.
Once data is extracted by OCR it becomes easily accessible for processing:

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